Our Mission

To see people far from God encouraged, equipped, empowered and released as fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Our Vision

To be a thriving, growing, and vibrant church that is multiplying campuses across the Wasatch front and planting churches throughout the world. To have a means of connecting to the community through a 3rd place where the community and the church cross paths and to tangibly engage every aspect of city life: our schools, our government, corporately, artistically and socially. Meeting the needs of the least, the lost and the disenfranchised. To be known in the city for what we are for and not what we oppose. To be a church FOR the City.

Our Values

These are a few of the things we hold as a high priority, and will give you a little bit of insight into why we do things the way we do at The Well.

  • A worship experience that is a celebration.

    At The Well you will find our worship experience to be passionate, engaging, expressive and life-giving. Using music, media and the arts we are committed to being a church that focuses our attention upon Jesus in worship.

  • Preaching the Word so that anyone can understand it.

    In every one of our services there are people who have never stepped foot into church before and we like that. So we keep things simple and to the point, yet at the same time biblical.

  • Getting to know the person next to you.

    This happens when we get out of our seats and begin to get to know the people around us. You'll see it in our services, in our parking lots, in our connect groups and at all the other things we do week in and week out at The Well. It is community and it is what we are about.

  • Seeing lives changed.

    This is why we do what we do at The Well. When addiction is broken, thinking is changed, a heart is healed or forgiveness found, our mission has been accomplished and we have a tendency to celebrate BIG! In everything that we do, life change is what we desire to see.

  • Getting our hands dirty.

    Church was never meant to reside in the 4 walls of a building, so we are taking it to the streets. We don’t just point out the problems, we help fix them. We want to bring hope to our city, life to our city, help to our city, and change to our city.