Our Pastors


astors Jason and Erica, along with an incredible team, founded The Well in 2013. They make every attempt to make people comfortable and love leading transparently. Therefore, they felt it absolutely necessary to give you a peek into their world, including their family, their passions and how they became the pastors of The Well.

Jason and Erica met when they were young at Covington Christian Fellowship in Covington, WA. You can believe that they immediately (literally) began dating when they met in 5th grade. Through years of simply being emotional teenagers (meaning they broke-up & got back together several times) they finally got serious after Jason attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia and Erica attended her DTS with Youth With A Mission. On New Years Day of 2005 they got real and began to fulfill the purpose of God together as husband and wife.

Both had a passion to serve the church knowing it is the hope of the world. They served faithfully at their home church for years, both separately and as a married couple. In July of 2006, Jason took a full-time Youth Pastor position in Scottsdale, AZ. This was a turning point in their ministry together as they began to serve the students of City of Grace Church and continued into several areas of ministry over a six-year period, including children and young adults. During this time Erica finished her Bachelors of Theology through Liberty University.

In February of 2010, their son, Justice, was introduced to the world. A little world changer! Very (seriously…very) soon after, Shyloh Grace entered the world in May of 2011. It seemed God had a plan for this family that they didn’t expect: the timing of this dream that had began ten years ago in Jason’s heart to one day plant a church in Salt Lake City, UT. They packed up and moved to the Salt Lake City area in September of 2012 to start The Well.


un facts about Jason:

Jason loves drinking Grande Americanos with 2 raw sugars and a dash of whole milk. Jason likes everything about golf from mini to 18 holes. He’s excited to be in a location where he can actually continue his attempt, of which he’s been on a break for six years, of becoming an Olympic snowboarder. He is an avid reader (5 at a time) of leadership books and anything about communicating the Gospel. Jason is passionate about the preaching and teaching of the Word: which he does excellently through practical application, a bit of humor and the sometimes challenging truths of the Word. Jason demonstrates his love for people inside and out, and greatly enjoys seeing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ change people from the inside out.


un facts about Erica:

Erica is a lover of many things; literally, she loves trying something new every week. She loves to travel to any country or state to experience the thousands of different cultures and love on the millions of different people in our world. She enjoys reading anything that takes her away from the real world. Erica is not your average “chick.” She looks for any moment to be competitive and doesn’t mind getting a little dirty as long as it’s followed up by a good pedicure. Her first car was a ’79 Chevy Silverado with a lift kit and the night Justice was due she was sitting at a Monster Truck show. Erica is passionate about finding ways to bless and encourage people (especially women) into their God-given destiny.

Both are crazy about their family! Both have hearts to passionately demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in their community. Jason and Erica’s heart is to see The Well truly be a church for the city.