Our Story


he Well has been a product of many years of praying, dreaming and believing. The inception of The Well took place some time in 2001 as I (Jason) was attending Bible college in Australia. As most Bible college students do, we were having a conversation as to what each of us would be doing as we graduated and made our way back to our respective countries. It was a conversation that would eventually change the course of my life.

As each of us casually talked about our different dreams and things that we were believing that God was calling us to, one of my friends said to me, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you planted a church in Utah,” full well knowing all the implications that were associated with that comment. As we all kind of laughed it off, as if it was a matter of wishful thinking and impossibility, something happened to me that I can only describe as a proverbial bomb going off in my heart. It was in that moment I thought to myself, “Why not?”. Even more importantly, it was in that moment that the Spirit of God spoke to me about one day planting a passionate, vibrant and life-giving church in Salt Lake City, Utah and across the Wasatch front.

God has given us a big vision for The Well, which you will discover as you continue to browse our site and make your way into one of our services. We have prayed, believed and thought about this day for many, many years. As we hold launch team meetings, create ministries and launch weekly services, our prayer is that from day-one The Well will be known as a place of authenticity, community and ultimately a place where lives are changed week after week by the grace of God.


hat The Well would be known as a church FOR the city.