Upcoming Events

  • November Impact Project: VOA Youth Resource Center | Friday, November 17th

    On November 17th from 4:00pm -7:30pm, we will be serving the homeless youth of Salt Lake City. This event is broken up into 3 time frames to allow the max amount of people to serve, as space is limited. So join us in a service project, feeding the youth or prepping lunches for them for the next day. Note: This event is for ages 16 and up only, per the VOA's requirements.
  • Cherish: Favorite Things Party | Friday, December 1st at 7:00pm

    An event not to be missed! Ladies bring 5 of your one favorite thing around $5 each (ie. 5 Nail Polishes, lip sticks, notebooks, etc.) to share with some beautiful friends and leave with 5 new favorite things! Please bring something sweet or savory to share as well.