The Well Kids


Our kids ministry is designed to make our parents feel like they have left their children in a safe, fun and life-giving learning environment. At The Well Kids your children will experience a time where they can truly engage with the truths of God’s love for them in a FUN and ENERGETIC atmosphere. It’s our goal to make sure they not only learn about God, but that they do so while having fun, getting creative and movin’ around. We always bring it back down to a place where children can process in a small group environment as well!

  • Lil' Squirts

    Our Lil' Squirts classroom is a safe and life-giving environment created especially for our babies up to walking.
  • Aqua Tots

    Our Aqua Tots classroom is created specifically for our walking through 2 years old. They will learn a little and play a lot! This is a great place for your little one to engage and play.
  • Aqua Tikes

    Our Aqua Tikes classroom is a great place for your 3, 4 or 5 year old. We have created a place where they will play, laugh, sing, dance, hear stories about God, create and apply. They are sure to have fun in Aqua Tikes.
  • Aqua Force

    Aqua Force is designed with your Kindergarten through 5th grade student in mind. Throughout the service we will do lots to keep them moving and engaged, while also creating space and place for them to sit and apply what they've learned. Through media, arts and other creative elements we will apply the truths of God's Word. Our Aqua Force classes are broken into two age groups: K-1st & 2nd-5th grade (K-5th combined for our 5:00pm service). Our K-1st class checks-in at the beginning of service. Our 2nd-5th grade class joins their parents in worship and then heads to class (check-in prior to service).