Pray First | 21 Days of Prayer

Dear Church, I am extremely excited for this next 21 days as we focus on prayer and “praying first.” I know that there are a lot of things that we could do “first,” but I really do believe that as we commit to this as a church we are going to see God do amazing things. In this journal are a few pages that I hope help you direct, specify and clarify your prayers, while at the same time teach and guide you through thes
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A Thrill of Hope

I catch a lot of flak for my (potentially too early) unrelenting love of the Christmas season. I get it. Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning today.  Gifts, sales, making things bigger and better than last year, one-upping the neighbor or friend with lights or gifts to kids or charitable giving. It’s become a competition.  A competition for parents, for kids at school and their Christmas gift haul, a comp
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